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(Character P.O.V.)
I zig zag across the street dodging falling debris, I don't how I dodge them it's like something or someone from another view can see them for me and can control my movements, or maybe it's just reflexes, I dunno? I saw the destruction of those malfunctioning mechanical menaces, I wanted see buildings get blown up! Man life isn't fair sometimes.

"Where are your parents 'Viko?" Ally snapped me back to reality." Oh, my dad is a mechanic, he loves fixing cars, even some underground street racing cars, and my mom is a fitness coach, she's the reason I'm good condition."I mentally looked at Ally's face, she seemed puzzled. "I wonder how two people with two different passion, lifes and heritage came together?"Hey how did she know they're interracial couples? "I'm literally in your head, remember?" Oh yeah, that."Well I'm surprised you don't the saying, 'opposites attract'." I mentally saw an image of her face puzzled face, looks like she doesn't know the saying. "Where did that saying come from?" She asked, yup she didn't know the saying. "How should I know, that saying us older than me. Look it just means that two very different people who share a common interest end up being together." She seem to slightly understand, I really hate explaining stuff. "I think I understand." She simply replied. At least I tried. "Okay then, Ally since you seem to understand lets move on, what up with those monst- AH WHAT IS THAT!?" I yell in mid-sentence to dodge a metallic blur coming at me. When it missed it skids against the ground, it was a huge machine in the form of a dog. "L-LATRANS!!" Ally said with a shriek. The beast growl in annoyance that it missed me its prey. "I'm going on a hunch and say that's not your pet." I nervously spoke to Ally trying to remain as calm as possible. "DON'T JOKE! RUN!" She yell in a commanding yet frightened voice. "Don't need to tell me twice!" I yell and made a mad dash away from that hound. And to make things even better than mechanical menace is catching up to me. "How is it keeping up?!" I yell with more or less panic. "They were designed to assist the scouters so they're built to keep up with us!" She yelled the information. "Oh great, anything else I should know!?" I yelled out. "Those jaws will crush your bones like a twig, those claws will skin you and he will try to pounce you at any given oppotunity." She nervously responded. "I meant in a sarcastic way! Are you trying purposely mess with me!?" My panicked a bit more. "Sorry!" She flushes with embarrassment."It's fine, but how do I fight it without getting too close?" Immediately a light bulb went off in Ally's head. "I have weapons with me!" I swear I felt a vein bulge out of my temple, and my eye twitch. "That would been useful a while ago!" She plays with her hair in a nervous manner. "I forgot about it." She spoke very quietly."Look just activate the weapon or something." She nods, and I hear the sound like a sword being unsheathed, and I felt a weight on arms

I stopped and jumped up to a balcony to momentarily hide, which was a good 20 feet and was easy thanks to the suit and armor. I turned to look at my right arm a slender blade that glowed blue upon going up to the tip, and my left was a shorter but wider kinda like a double bladed axe except conjoined, and from the gem adorned on both gauntlets, many glowing blue digital circuit path run up and end in various areas on the armor piece.

"Whoa now this is what talking about!" I yelled in astonishment and then, suddenly a realization hits me. "That haywire hound has pretty good hearing don't they..?" I soldemnly asked her. She was silent and then nods. " Crap."

The robotic animal jumps up to the balcony behind me with a growl. With hesitating I just jump over the railing and hit the ground, strangely enough I didn't feel much of the impact, I turned to the beast as it jumped down as well. "I'm warning you, I have a weapon and I don't know how to use it!" I threaten the beast, but of course it decides to charge at me. "I try to be reasonable." I sighed before charging to the Canine, and I instinctivly swing the slender blade to the machine. But, the Latran jumps aside, it seem to growl in annoyance at my persistance in me living. Sorry me breathing is bothering you mutt.

"Come on, are you a dog or scaredy cat?" I called out the dog, but then again the thing probably doesn't feels any damage in its pride, but it was still fun to say. I also heard Ally giggle a bit. Then the mutt dashes to me while my guard was down. But, I caught him just in time to swing the blade slash his metal body in half, before promptly exploding in blackish smoke, and what was left was a pile of smoldering metal and short-circuiting wires. "Way past cool, I like the fireworks they put on!" I laugh in astonishment, Ally seems a bit taken back, but she still smiled which made assume it was nothing.

Then I saw the workplace of my mom, I smash the window which caused the people inside to panic, not my smartest or most subtle idea. "RUN!! IT'S THOSE MONSTER!!" a frighten woman yelled. Do I honestly look like one? "Whoa! Hey chill out everyone!" I tried to reassure them I'm not one of those things. "Seriously, isn't I'm not here to hurt anyone. I'm here to help everyone get out of here." I tried reasoning, but those monster did damage that's going to be hard for me to repair. Everyone scattered like cockroaches when the lights flick on. "No wait I'm trying to- ugh... Ididots." I groaned in annoyace, seriously, does anyone have a shred of reason? "Um, 'Viko let's go look for your mom, she's bounded to be here somewhere." Ally quietly spoke up, all I could do is sigh and and agree with nod.

I quickly dashed in possible hiding areas of the building, where ever people hid, ran or screamed in terror I simply move on. That really throw off some people. Soon enough I found my mother, she runs and trips. She prepare for the impact, but i caught her in time. She focused her sky blue eyes and into mine, at first Ithought she was looking at her reflection, but I realized she was looking my eyes which inherited from her, she found a familiar feeling from seeing a strange metallic 'monster'. I propped her up on her feet she was only few inches shorter than me, like Angelica, but obivously mature looking like a mother should look. " Are you okay Mo- I mean miss?" It's best that I don't tell my Mom what I'm involved in I wouldn't want her to worry about her only baby boy. I heard Ally attempting not to laugh, but she's bad at hiding."Oh, um, yes I'm fine." she quietly answered.

I better hurry to dad there's no telling if those thing made it there. "Listen, Ma'am, I'm needed somewhere, you and the rest need to evacuate to the east near Long Island and prepare to either fight or camp out until some kind of military help get you out of New York. Got that?" She simply nodded. I make my to the door and then."Wait, if you're saving people can you please recuse my husband and my son?" She ask pleaded and begged with worry. Not want to look like a jerk I answered. "Sure why not, I'll see what I can do miss." "Thank you, thank you thank you!" She smiled and hugged me tightly. "Okay hey easy there." I try to make her calm down before I turned around and started to walk off. "Wait, why are fighting your kind?" Ally looked sorrowful by her question. I guess it time for an answer. "There not my kind anymore, I'm not a monster, but don't call me a hero." Ally looks what suppose to be me and smilles in my respond. "I guess you're the lucky one then." My mom replied with warm laugh. "Lucky for me I don't believe in luck." I run out of the buliding.

"Viko..?" Ally shyly spoke. What's on your mind?" She looks surprised that I knew that something was bothering her. " Um, how come you don't consider yourself a hero?" Oh that's it? "I didn't do anything big. I just told some people to get out of an dangerous area." She looked kinda taken back by my small feat. "I see." She looked confused, oh great she's confused just what I need more questions. "I think we are just about there." Wait huh? I hit the breaks,I screech to a stop, and sure enough she was right it's my dad autobody and repair shop.I got there just in the neck of time those monster are causing havoc and they're closing in on the shop, I rush inside to see if I can find my dad. "Anyone here? I'm here to tell you to evacuate the area." Nothing heard me but the walls. "Maybe they left?" Ally suggested. "No, someone wouldn't leave since the no one told them to leave,that's why some people haven't left."

Dad just had to by around here somewhere. "I think he's around her-." A blunt object hit the back of my head cutting me off from my sentence and hit the ground. "OW WHAT THE HELL!?" I look up to relatively pale man, has hazel green eyes filled with intend to beat my head in, messy, dirty hair dark brown hair (probably from the grease and dust from the shop), black stained and worn navy blue suit. He swings a metal pipe again at me again, I narrowly dodged. "Whoa,whoa chill out out man!!" I panicked, I attempted to remain leveled headed and tried to reasoned with my father who going to bash my brain into a chucky salsa. "You're one of those damn beast here to wreck my shop!" Oh boy he's pissed... "What!? No I'm not, I'm to tell you get out of here because those other monster are close by ready to kill you! I'm trying to help you!" I yelled at my idiot dad. " How do I know you're not just trying to luring me to my death?" he asked firmly holding the pipe ready to swing. "He does have a vaild point." Ally told me. "Shut up, you're not helping." I scold her. "Sorry." She repiled with a nervous smile. "Look if I was one of those monsters mindlessly wondering around destroying whatever they wouldn't have I already tried to kill you?" He thought for a moment, he lowered the pipe he armed himself with. I sighed with a bit of relif to him mildly trusting me. "Fine, but if you decide to backstab me I will crack open those circuits." He pointed the pipe near my face. " Roger that Mr, Nice Guy." I rolled my eyes.

I guided him to an area where it sure be safe for him to part away to safety and find mom. "Thanks, uh." He look to me as if I was going to give away my identy. " Sorry pops, I got places to go and things to do and place to go. Hope you and the Misses Snelheid do good." I turn around and started to jog away. " Wait how you did know my last name or that I'm married?" He questioned. Oh crap I may have blown my cover. "Uh... Oh look at the time I better get going!" I hurried off as fast as I could before he could catch up.

"Phew, that was too close." I sigh with much relief to my see my situation past. I felt bad that I couldn't tell them that is fighting robot monsters that could maul and make mincemeat out me, I couldn't bare them be scared for their only child, but I made a promise I gotta keep. "Well looks like our recuse mission is complete, huh?" Ally spoke in my mind snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yeah we aced that mission! How would you rate that?" I asked her. "Hm, I guess it was pretty okay." "Okay?" "It could've gone better." She giggled. "Gee thanks." I sarcastically retorted. "Uh oh we have company up ahead." She warned me. "Heh,they made a bad choice." I chuckled as the blade extends and run straight to the danger.
(3rd P.O.V.)
Soon the pair started slaying the titanium terror, but three figures watch over them. "He's not stopping like the other two..." a male voice spoke with a partial full mouth. "Damn those traitors, their fighting back!" An aggressive feminine voice growled. "It's only three young human and three first generation vincens machina, they won't last long." An irritated, cold and menacing masculine voice spoke. " It's small group they'll dissolve soon the recent generation will put them to shame." He glared with a burning hatred. "Why do human fight a force larger than themselves? Its illogical!" The aggressive female spoke. " It won't matter in a few days this world will be wiped off this sea of stars and planet." He said cold heartedly. "But master they can slow down progress!" The female spoke up. She immediately covered her mouth. "M-master I-I-" She was cut off by her superior. "No you propose a valid argument. Vollerei your new mission is to kill those six troublemakers." He glanced to his subordinate. The male chokes and coughed up his meal. "What!? Why me!?" He exclaimed in confusion. "I'm now taking over your base of operation, Hasira you take over his base of operation in Cairo." He commanded. "Yes sir." The female leaped off the building. "Ugh... man." The male walked off in annoyance. "The power in this will be mine. Soon I can conquer everything and nothing can stop me in my wake!" He growled before walking off and disappearing.
Chapter 1: The Rescue Mission
Here's the first chapter following the prologue of my indie game, enjoy~
(Character P.O.V.)
    Okay, if you think you had a tough week, let me tell you about my week starting with Monday.

    I woke up as usual, 4:30 to do a 2 mile run from the outskirts of my town into the downtown cityscape and back, take a quick shower, have breakfast and go to the hell hole called: school. I never liked it even as a kid, trust me I get the purpose of it, but most the stuff they teach I'll never use, like how many atoms of  hydrogen and oxygen are in a 20 grams of water. Yeah, I'll totally need that in life. Anyway, I got send to In School Suspension for winning a fight against some crap-talking punk on Friday, surprisingly enough, he doesn't have to serve time. Now I'm stuck with a-hole teacher and two other loser in a class for eight hours, yeah having the time of my life, I could be running track, drag racing or traveling the country but no I'm stuck in black and white room for eight hours, not talking, doing class work, and slowly going insane. I would've dropped out a long time ago, but I don't think I have a strong enough heart to break it my mom and dad, so I suffer for eight hours a day for five days straight just to see them smile.
    Moving on, about some time after the fourth bell, there were distance crackles and muffled poofs before siren blare to hide in safe zone of the room or in another, those were gunshots and explosions! I personally ran to the window to see what was going on, the city was being attacked, buildings up in smoke and flames, explosions pop up like jack-in-a-box every few seconds, and distance flying vehicles zipping through the air. I'd like to say they were UFO's but they like a little like a man-made to be extra-terrestrial. Then the woman in charge yanks me from the window and scolded me to get away, shove her hand away and go back the window, and just then one of those two loser grabs my shoulder, it was a huge guy. "Just, please stay away from the window, okay?" He said with oddly quiet voice, but the guy look like he'll crush me like a grape, so I backed away from the window. What? He did say please.
    Whatever, like I was saying, the guy was a good seven or eight inches taller than me, he was more broader than me, he has light tan skin, and short, cowlick polished wood brown hair. He looked like a typical Boxer or MMA fighter, I'd probably have 30-70 chance of winning, just because I'm smaller and quicker, I was probably smart to back down from starting a fight with him, if I remember correctly, his name is Marcus Dinamo. "What was going on out there?" A cold, monotonic feminine voice said beside me, I looked to see a girl. She had a plastered on cold, distance expression, kinda unnerving, but she dressed like she hung out with the "cool" kids in the school but even then she a sorta vibe to her like she didn't belong with that crowd of people, and I think her name was Angelica Kapieren.
    "Well?" I jolt back into reality "Oh, the city is either rioting, a zombie apocalypse has broken out, or a terrorist attack. I personally think they're rioting because of the gas prices." I chuckled a bit at my awesome joke, but the girl just rolled her eyes in irritation, some people are just critics. The girl looked liked if I tried talking to her she'd just ignore me. I noticed she wears contacts, she must be blind because at her desk her stuff was out and about and I noticed a glasses case, they looked pretty big too. She would actually look cute with them, but then again her personality isn't the happiest go lucky person, her long raven black hair, and cold hazel eyes that feel like the looking through my soul, not most comforting look, she has nice decent frame and the other hand, she looks petite at first glance but really looking at she looks really cute, and then you see the soul piercing eyes.
    Out of nowhere there was an explosion and then black, then I heard the teacher voice shouting at me "Ludoviko, Ludoviko wake up!" I open my eyes to see a teacher with worry and panic in her which was soon replaced with relief , I noticed ash and soot stained her face and clothes, and I look around to see the classroom partial exposed, burning walls and desk. "What happened, ugh, I feel like crap" I rubbed my head. "An explosion hit the school, a few severely injured, others mildly wounded but no deaths so far." Marcus informed me. An explosion? Well something tells me it wasn't an accidental explosion. "Hey guys look at this!" Angelica said showing us a live news feed titled; Mechanical monsters and mega-sized airships causing destruction and mayhem in downtown New York. Catchy. "Those things are wrecking downtown!" The teacher cried she looked in fright and horror. "And it won't be long before they wreck the metropolis."Angelica stated." They're going to reach Time Square soon." Marcus pointed out.
    Suddenly a thought hit me... my parents work near Time Square. "I gotta go!" I get up and start running, until. "Mr. Snelheid, where do you think you're going?!" She yelled out in anger and a hint of worry. "Send me to detention some other time! Right I gotta go save my parents!" I replied in a irritation. "It's suicide you moron!" Angelica yelled out. "You won't make it!" Marcus yelled with Angelica. A flashback of similar words about me, echo throughout my head. "I don't care, my parents are in trouble and I need to get there before anything bad happen, aren't you guys worried about your family!?" All three went silent, finally the teacher spoke up."I much as I'm worried about my family, my responsible is you three." I quickly said. "Make it two, I can't wait any longer." Then I quickly ran as fast my legs could carry me. About a mile into the city I had to stop since my heart was aching for a break. "Dammit, not at a time like this." I tried catching my breathe and lowering my heart rate to a manageable pace.
    "Please, help me, anyone?!" A panicked and distressed feminine yelled, of course I would've ignored her since I had better things to do, but since my body was recovering, I decided to help the girl . When I walked to her she was on the verge of tears, oh great a sobbing girl, just what I need to make this day better.  She looked at with her teary emerald green eyes, she's wearing a tattered, raggedy brown hooded robe, the robe hid her pretty well, I couldn't make out what she's wearing underneath, all I could see was white. "Can you help me..?" She practical beg in her sad, shaky voice and teary eyes and she directed those at me. She's not helping my already aching heart. "Okay okay geez, I'll help just don't look at me that." Her face went from heart broken saddness to ecstatic and gleefully in six seconds, she nearly knocked me down with her glomp. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Her hug with so tight can feel the blood slow in my veins. "Can't... breathe... nearly... dead..." the girl heard and let go of me. I gasped for precious air as I try to recover. Again. "S-sorry" she said as her cheek turned to a light shade of red with embarrassment. "Don't worry about it girly, do you have a name?" I asked as I regain stability in body and breathing. "Yeah, my name's Alhelí Kira" she said smiling and waiting for me to respond. "Nice to meet you Alhelí, I'm Ludoviko." She looked to be around my age maybe a bit younger, she took off her hood to reveal long, silky, sky blue held together by a golden ring near the end of hair, and her long bangs covers her right eyes. I couldn't help but stare in her eyes, they look fake and plastered on like they were fake eyes with camera in them like she's a machine, but they have a human feel to them. She hugs me again but gentler this time, I felt awkward letting her hug me during an attack on the the city. Then I felt a warm feeling like I'm near a burning fire, I couldn't help but blush since a cute girl is making feel this way. But then I a light starts glowing off her and grew brighter by the minute, that moment I was wondering what the hell is going on?! Soon the light became blinding and it hurt to look so I closed them.
    After a while I woke up I pulled out and saw my phone, about half an hour has pasted. "Wow, you were out for a while." I jumped and looked around, but didn't see Alhelí. "Wha..? Am I hearing things?" I began to wonder. "No you're going crazy Ludoviko. I'm just inside your head." She spoke in my head. "Yeah that's comforting and makes me so much better." I said out loud."Hey don't get sarcastic with me."  She said with a bit of irritation. "Whatever, what's going on? Why are you in my head?" I started questioning her since that's I could do at the moment. "Well this is what you agreed to help me with." She said with a bit nervousness and embarrassment. "What?! In what way did I agree to this?!" I was beyond mad with this girl. "All you said was yes, you never asked what were helping me with." She plainly answered. I feel my hand hit my face with stupidity, how I did I forgot to ask what I was helping her with? And just I felt something on my hand , I look to a small white gauntlet with a blue gem on the back of my hand, the I looked to my left I see a bigger version of the gauntlet, but oddly enough they weren't heavy. I looked down to my leg they look the same, except I'm wearing metallic shoe, they felt light but sturdy like I could run a thousand miles and they wouldn't get worn out. I felt a of padding on me, I saw a vest like armor that covered my chest, shoulder armor to match, and a larger blue gem on my chest.
    "What did you do to me? Not that I don't enjoy the look." I asked Alhelí. "I simply merged with you, you're wearing me and and you power me." She said happily responded. "Whoa, what are you?" I asked in curiosity and amazement. "I'm..." she tripped on her words, like she wanted to respond but had second thoughts. "I'm related to those monsters that are attacking your city." She quietly answered. "What?! You're one of those things that wrecking the city and killing people, what are going to do force me to help you wreck my home?!" I was yelled at nothing in front me. "No." She answered was a shaky tone. "Then what do you want?" I calmed down a bit, I can't afford to lose my cool too much. "I need you to help me stop them. What they're doing has deeper meaning, and this is only the beginning, this happening around your world." I froze with shock, I couldn't believe this is happening right now all around the world. "I saw something I couldn't stand by, and because of it, I was branded a traitor and placed a bounty on me." She said with fear. I stood there in silence, I agreed to help the girl I gotta help anyway I can, I can't turn down her down after I agreed to help. "I'm not going to let them take you, there going to have go through me first. Besides I agreed to help you, so I'm going to help you with every problem until the big problem is done for." I can almost see her face, she stood the in silence with a smile, like I touched her heart. "I can't thank you enough Ludoviko." She said with tone a relief and happiness. "Since we're friends, just call me 'Viko, 'kay Ally." She look confused. "Ally?" I laughed a bit. "I gotta call you something, I mean your name is pretty and all, but Ally has a smooth feeling when you say it." She started smiling. "Ally, I love it." She looks cute smiling like that.
    "Hey before we thrash some metal, you do mind if I take care of something first?" I asked. "Oh okay, what is it?" She asked. "I need to get my parents out of Time Square, those things are going there and I need to get there before they do, but I don't know if I can make it in time, since I lost some time." I said with a bit of disappointment."So you need speed, huh?" She spoke, kinda like she knew something. "Your lucky, I was created with speed, I earned the title 'The Runner'." I was speechless a sweet girl that had super speed and she can help me get there, I smirked. "How fast are we talking?" I couldn't help but asked. "My self 300 MPH, I can reach 80 MPH in 3.5 seconds." She spoke with confidence. "That's what I'm talking about! Then go! We'll be there in a supersonic second!" I yelled out in excitement. "But that's not, you see since you and me share a body at the moment, I'm powered by your oxygenated blood, the more pump me the more power I force out." She informed me. "So you mean to tell me the faster my heart beats the faster you go?" I questioned. "Exactly!" She gleefully answered. "Now you're speaking my language! Let's go!" I got into a sprinting position and the a helmet covered my head and clear glass like screen covered my eyes like a motorcycle helmet. "Thanks, here we...GO!" dashed at full speed and I felt a rush of adrenaline my senses reached a level I couldn't imagine. Every was moving slow and I could see anything obstacles up ahead and quickly dodge or overcome them. I felt like the Fastest thing alive, and I probably am , nothing could slow me down or even stop me.
( 3rd P.O.V. )
    Unknown to the two in rooftops of the cityscape, stood six figures. A masculine voice spoke out while eating "We got company boss." A aggravated feminine voice followed "Shall I crush this fleshy bug, sir?" She looked to another male for confirmation. "He's no concern to me, he won't make trouble for me, besides we have a seven day schedule to meet, I've waited too long for this moment for anymore delays." He spoke with a cold, menacing voice. "Time. Something this world is running out of." He spoke with venom as walked off. "Why can't we hurry up seven days is too long." A tired male voice spoke. "Because I can't afford to make any mistakes, I need everything to be perfect for what I want!" He spoke with irritation rising. "You need to relax Big man, how about I help you with that.~" a feminine voice spoke with a seductive manner. "Help me by getting ready everything!" He spat vemon at the woman before walking off, and disappearing. "Why is he in charge?! I could be and do better than him!" A feminine voice spoke with voice of grievance. "He earned his authority, so respected master!" The aggravated female spoke. "Come on guys we get a job to do let's just do it so get off the miserable rock" the tired male voice spoke with reasoning. And soon they all disbursed, but the aggravated female looked at the speed demon human before going her way. "That has to be one of the three wanted traitor, that must be The Runner, no one has that kind of speed."
Prologue: The Runner
Here's a taste of the storyline of the game I'm working on Project: Limit Breaker.
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